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May 18, 2009

Chocolate Cake with Strawberry Cream Filling

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My birthday cake is always chocolate. That’s just how I roll. When I was a kid, I almost always had a chocolate sheet cake with strawberry cream filling from someplace like Costco. Delicious, but of course I make my own now.


This cake was not easy to make, but very worth it. The chocolate cake is simply Cook’s Illustrated’s Classic Chocolate Layer Cake, which won the chocolate cake taste test I did a year ago. Sometimes I wish another cake had won, as the protocol for this is quite fussy and requires several bowls. It bakes up moist and fluffy though, which I prefer over denser chocolate cakes. The frosting is also from CI, their Foolproof Chocolate Frosting that is sweet and glossy. The cream filling came from Annie’s Eats (which I love) and it was very tasty. It’s basically a white chocolate-sweetened whipped cream. I would not recommend leaving this cake at room temperature for long though; the cream has a tendency to soften. After spreading a generous amount of the cream filling on one cake round, I sliced some strawberries and laid them on top. I left the cake in the refrigerator overnight and this morning (yes, I had cake for breakfast. Don’t judge me) the strawberry flavor had penetrated deeper in the cake. My birthday’s not for a couple of days yet, so I will be thoroughly enjoying this cake until then.



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